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Tuesday 03/15/2005 9:16:52am

Name: Tina and Francis Fontanoza
E-Mail: pamilyafontanoza@hotmail.com
Referred By: Friend
Country: Phils
City: Pasig City
Rate This Site: Outstanding
Testimonials: Acclaim Butterflies serve as our butterfly supplier in our wedding in Dec 2002. It made our wedding more memorable because of the butterfly release during the bridal march :)Keep it up!:) http://community.webshots.com/user/tina_francis

Tuesday 02/22/2005 2:55:55pm

Name: Mhay
E-Mail: mb_giray@yahoo.com
Referred By: Search Engine
Country: Philippines
City: Marikina
Rate This Site: Best
Testimonials: I love butterflies and that's why my wedding theme is flowers and butterflies. I was looking for nice butterfly wings and saw theme at Acclaim.

Why do you Love Acclaim Butterflies? plenty of items to choose and affordable

Saturday 02/12/2005 5:45:04am

Name: GMA 7 - Film: Let the Love Begin @2005
E-Mail: gma@inq7.net
Referred By: television
Country: Philippines
City: Manila
Rate This Site: Excellent
Testimonials: Acclaim Butterflies was very helpful in our requirements for butterfly release in our first GMA FILM for 2005: Let the Love Begin, starring Richard Gutierez and Angel Locsin. You can see the butterfly release during film trailers and the film itself.

Why do you Love Acclaim Butterflies? They are professional to deal with. Their prices are reasonable and the quality of butterfly provided are fresh.
More Power to Acclaim Butterfly this 2005!

Thursday 01/13/2005 4:58:49pm

E-Mail: theart30@yahoo.com
Referred By: Magazine
Country: philippines
City: mandaluyong city
Rate This Site: Best
Testimonials: As I got into my attention what symbolizes a butterfly, a new life and a new beginning.... I can't wait to see my wedding theme "A New Life has Come..." I told this to my fiance and he too was very excited about that so we're planning to adapt this ideas for our wedding to be more memorable and full of love for us and to those guests we have on that day. Thanks & God bless to Acclaim Butterflies!

Why do you Love Acclaim Butterflies? Well I should say that you have your own unique ideas of how people celebration will become more exciting and memorable.

Sunday 01/09/2005 6:14:08pm

Name: Web at Works Philippines
E-Mail: webatworks@lycos.com
Referred By: Web Ring
Country: Philippines
Makati City
Rate This Site: Excellent
Testimonials: I Love Acclaim Butterflies because of it's succesful and Creative, brilliant ideas in nurturing and putting the Butterflies in the market! and i like your strategies and your Marketing Over the Internet! this kind of ads will make your business go further and Attracts more clients.. There are some reports that this site has been viewed many times in Foreign Countries! and you have Served many Satisfied Clients here and Abroad! me and my company are Glad to place ur site as one of the Top 10 websites here in the Philippines.. In Marketing category! Congratulations! Acclaim Butterflies wish you more sales success in the Year 2005!!

Why do you Love Acclaim Butterflies?
I Love Acclaim butterflies for being one of the top supplier of butterflies in the Philippines and in Other Countries !keep up ur Smart Ideas Acclaim Buterflies!

Thursday 01/06/2005 2:51:17pm

E-Mail: imsantos@prii.com.ph
Referred By: Friend
Country: Philippines
City: Province of Bataan
Testimonials: ms. may and company,
you guys have brillant ideas, congratulations for the success of acclaim. You were reffered by Medwin Austria, Dennis Tayag saw you in the tube. God bless!


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