Our company offers more than butterflies. We provide concept and design to make your special day more magical. Our experienced Acclaim's Team is at hand to provide you the benefits of professional advice and support when it matters most. In addition to social events, we have worked in film and television and have been feartured in lifestyle programmess and broadsheets.
Live Butterfly Release
Butterfly Released at Weddings

Butterflies at Graduation









Acclaim Butterfly Theme Setup
Butterfly Theme Setup

Displays your butterflies for all guests to view & enjoy prior to release. Display & releases cages are Sinamay cages decorated with trimmings according to your event motiff.
Sheer white tulle can also be used to display your butterflies.



Butterfly Confetti
Live butterfly Confetti
In every season of life there is a reason to celebrate ..create unforgettable memories with the Beauty of Butterfly release! Butterflies and Everlasting memories to different occasions.


Butterfly Inspired Products
Our Products
Acclaim's envision to showcase and popularize the Philippine Butterfly in the local and Global market by contributing to the large collection of beautifully crafted Imported items through its well-preserved butterflies in the form of souvenirs,collector's item and corporate give aways


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