On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.
Live Butterfly Confetti
The Wood Nymph is always a show -stealers whenever it makes its appearance during butterfly releases. it never fails to draw delighted gasps from the guests as it floats effortlessly above them, as though carried by a gentle breeze.
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Butterfly Theme Setup
Displays your butterflies for all guests to view & enjoy prior to release. Display & releases cages are Sinamay cages decorated with trimmings according to your event motiff.
Sheer white tulle can also be used to display your butterflies.
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Butterfly Inspired Products
Butterfly Gardens
Paperweights Table Decors Candles Asstd.  Gel Candles Penholders
Butterfly Gardens
  • Available in different Containers and sizes.
  • Personalize Stone labels
  • Setup according to your motiff.
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Non-Drip Candles
  • Available in different colors.
  • Replaceble candle's wick.
  • Packed according to your motiff
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Table Decors
  • Available in different species and Sizes.
  • Personalize labels.
  • Packed according to your motiff.
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  • Available in different Shapes,Species.
  • Personalize labels.
  • Packed according to your motiff.
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  • Availble in different Sizes,shapes and colors.
  • Personalize Labels
  • Packed according to your motiff.
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Butterfly Stockings
  • Available in different Sizes and colors.
  • Butterfly costume also available.
  • Personalize labels
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  • Available in different Colors,Shapes and Sizes.
  • Affordable prices and uniquely crafted.
  • Personalize labels.
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Decorated Cages and Envelopes
  • Made of Sinamay
  • Availble in different sizes and shapes
  • Setup according to your motiff.
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Glass Crafts
  • Uniquely crafted designs.
  • Availble in different figures.
  • Packed according to your motiff.
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Framed Insects and Butterflies
  • Availble in different Sizes and species.
  • Personalize labels
  • Packed according to your motiff.
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Pen Holders
  • Availble in different colors ,shapes, and Specie
  • High Quality / Imported
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Wood Crafts
  • availaible in different colors
  • different designs
  • personalized labels
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Decal Products
  • High Quality printing
  • Graphic Editing
  • Personalized Labels


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Resin Clocks
  • Available in different specie
  • Personalized labels
  • Packed according to your motiff
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