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The various occasions for the use of butterflies are endless. Detailed below are some of our most popular uses. We are ever growing and expanding, so feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs for live butterflies.

This is a great way to celebrate a child's birthday. We offer butterflies, caterpillars or one of our various Birthday Packages. We can also customize a package just for you. Our birthday packages have received rave reviews from parents and children alike.
Butterflies can be used at children's birthday parties in various ways:

Displayed as a centerpiece
Released individually by each child
Mass release by the birthday child
Provide caterpillars as favors for each child to take home and watch emerge into a butterfly

The release of butterflies will make your graduation ceremony truly unforgettable. Butterflies can be incorporated into a graduation ceremony as follows:

Release - Each classmate will release an individual butterfly immediately following the announcement "I now present to you the class of 2001". Imagine the awesomeness from the view of the audience.
Memorials - This is a release of an individual butterfly in memory of a classmate who passed away prior to graduation. This is a very touching and moving tribute.

Given the symbolic nature of the butterfly, many people choose to release butterflies as part of the funeral or memorial service of a loved one. Here are a few ways butterflies are used for funerals:

The Lone Butterfly - This is the release of a single butterfly. Families are comforted by the image of the butterfly accompanying the spirit of their loved one on this final journey.
Individual/Family Release - Each member of the deceased's family is given one butterfly to release in honor and in memory.
Mass Graveside Release - A spectacular release of numerous butterflies at the graveside. What a beautiful tribute to a remarkable person!

Many florists are providing a unique product to their customers by adding live butterflies to their flower arrangements. We can provide butterflies to florists for this purpose along with complete directions for feeding the butterfly throughout its lifespan.

Butterflies are a unique and memorable addition to a baby shower or bridal shower. A butterfly centerpiece can be displayed or an individual release can be planned.

Show off your spectacular gardens by inviting butterflies to your next garden party. We can supply a centerpiece display, as well as paperware to complete the theme.. If you're in our local area, we can provide a seminar on Butterfly Gardening.

Butterflies offer a new and unique way to raise funds for organizations like church groups, schools, scouts and charities.

Youth groups have raised money for their projects by offering church members the opportunity to buy a butterfly in memory of or in honor of a loved one. These butterflies are then released one morning following the church service. This is a great addition to an Easter Sunday service. It can also be used as an educational experience by ordering caterpillars instead of adult butterflies and allowing students to raise them for the release.
Charity organizations can use butterflies to raise money by selling butterflies for a mass release. An example of this would be to sell a butterfly for release in honor of or in memory of someone affected by cancer. Then the butterflies could be released massively prior to a walk-a-thon or other fundraising event.


Bring attention to your new business by releasing butterflies at your grand opening ceremony. Call the newspapers! Get local TV coverage of this truly unique event! Much attention can be drawn to your new venture using live butterflies.

Mass Release - Advertise your grand opening by enticing people to come see a mass butterfly release. You can release 30 butterflies or 3000 butterflies. Either way it will be a great way to bring new people to your business.
Individual Release - Patrons would be given a single butterfly in a release envelope to release as part of the grand opening ceremony. Patrons could be selected randomly or systematically, such as "Spend $20 and receive a butterfly to release during our grand opening ceremony."

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